Leisure and sports

Swimming places and lakeside saunas

Rauma has many public beaches open for swimming. The beaches that are marked as EU-beaches are places that have been estimated to have at least 100 visitors a day, during the summer season. Rauma also has a swimming hall, which is open from Autumn to Spring.


EU-beaches in Rauma are:

  • Bergström’s pond, Monnankatu 32, 26660 Rauma
  • Otanlahti beach, Suvitie 2, 26100 Rauma
  • Saharata beach, Purjehtijankatu 26, 26100 Rauma
  • Lappi beach, Ruonantie 319, 27230 Lappi

Other smaller beaches:

  • The holiday center of Poroholma, Poroholmantie 8, 26100 Rauma

Lakeside saunas

The city of Rauma has seven lakeside saunas, that have public swimming hours from the beginning of June to the end of August. The lakeside saunas are also available for private bookings during 1.5.–30.9, with the lakeside sauna of Tenhonperä being an exception. The lakeside saunas of Lappi and Kaljasjärvi are available for bookings all through the year.

Swimming in Lillonkari and Mantereenpää is possible. 

The lakeside saunas of Rauma:

The lakeside saunas are open for public

Lakeside sauna of Mantereenpää is closed.
From 1.6.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18–21, Sunday at 15-19.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna of Noitajärvi
The sauna is open 8.6.–31.8.2021.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21, Sunday at 14-18.
Single payment 2 € (over 10 years).
Family pass 35 €, adult pass 25 € (June-August).

Lakeside sauna of Lillonkari is closed
The sauna opens; when the restrictions run out.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18–21, Sunday at 16–20.
Free of charge. Unaja.fi

Lakeside sauna of Kaljasjärvi
From 1.6.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18–21, Sunday at 16–20.
2 € /adult and 1 €/children.

Lakeside sauna of Pitkäjärvi
From 1.7.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18–20.30, Sunday at 14–18.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna of Narvijärvi, Puusaun
Monday-Friday 16–22, Saturday-Sunday 14–20.
6 €/adult and 3,50 €/children. www.puusaun.com

Lakeside sauna of Tenhonperä is closed.
Tuesday and Thursday 18–20.30, Sunday at 14–16.30.
Free of charge.