Work and entrepreneurship

High-quality services and a pleasant and safe living environment are the strengths of our city. We invest in economic sustainability and the quality of our services so that our residents can safely build a life here.

Rauma is a city of thousands of new jobs. Business is blooming, and, in the near future, jobs will be created, for example, in the maritime, forestry and service industries. Entrepreneurship is also on the rise in Rauma, and the city’s business services assist aspiring entrepreneurs in setting up new businesses.

The residents of Rauma are extremely lucky people; a fact that has also been noticed elsewhere. Finns consider Rauma to be one of the best municipalities to live in and to do business. According to a regional town study carried out in 2019, Rauma is clearly the most attractive and unique town in Finland. Our strengths include a pleasant and safe living environment, a rich cultural scene, a range of leisure activities, and a vibrant town centre. Our two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the proximity of the sea attract visitors from all around the world.

Old Rauma and the archipelago

Rauma allows you to travel back in time; when you walk around in Old Rauma, you are actually exploring the largest unified wooden town in the Nordic countries. Service in the charming specialty shops is something you’ve never seen before.

The archipelago of Rauma is the heart of the Bothnian Sea National Park, which is Finland’s largest protected area of the Baltic Sea. The Rauma archipelago is also an ideal destination for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, and other recreational activities.

Boating is a popular leisurely activity among Rauma residents. You can take a boat and explore the popular destinations in the Rauma archipelago: Kylmäpihlaja, Kuuskajaskari, Reksaari and Nurmesluoto. In summertime, a water bus can also take you to most of our destinations.


Rauma has various well-maintained sports facilities. The city is currently planning a new public swimming pool, and the renovation of the outdoor swimming pool will be completed in 2020. Indoor skating rinks, football halls and fields, a golf course, bowling alley and city-owned beach saunas are all at your disposal. A heated artificial turf field and artificial ice rink make it possible to play football and ice-skate all year round. Also, children’s hobbies are affordable, at least compared to the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Various cultural events are also organised in Rauma; Rauma Rock in May, RMJ Festival in Midsummer, Rauma Lace Week and the night of Black Lace in July, and Ice Hockey Lace Tournament, the chamber music festival Festivo, Rauma Blues and Blue Sea Film Festival in August gather people together from Rauma and all around Finland.


Rauma is a safe city, where distances are short, and services are near. Rauma offers high-quality services, whether you are looking for daycare, educational, social or health services.

You can choose to live in the city centre, countryside or by the sea. Available plots are listed in the plot and business facilities register maintained by the city, and available rental apartments in the rental property register. A steady and sufficient supply of land for housing has been secured with the city’s own land acquisition policies and city planning. According to a comparison published by Finnish Home Owners’ Association, living expenses in Rauma are among the lowest in Finnish cities. Read more about the residential areas in Rauma.

At the moment, the housing situation in Rauma is fairly good. There are plenty of properties available for rent, and for sale as well. Visit our website for more information on available apartments:

Welcome to Rauma!

We hope you’ll come and explore the relaxing surroundings and fall in love with our lovely town. Surely you have some questions in your mind. If you are planning on moving to Rauma, visit our website for more information: