Day care and education

Enrolment for the 1st grade of the basic education

The children who turn seven that year and have not yet started school are enrolled annually to the 1st grade of basic education. In 2024, it will be the turn of children born in 2017 to enrol. Based on the contact information from the pre-school education and the population register, a letter of enrolment will be sent to the guardians of all these children during January.

Enrolment instructions

Enrolment is done online in the Wilma application. The Wilma ID is the same as the one that the guardian has made when enrolling in or during preschool education. The username is the email address with which the username was created. The forgotten password can be changed using an email address on Wilma’s login page at

If both guardians do not yet have a Wilma ID, the enrolment letter contains the key code needed to create the ID, as well as instructions. If the child is not in the system and the letter has not been received due to e.g. moving, you can contact the Planning Assistant of the city’s education administration about enrolling in the school.

Student admission

After the enrolment, the City of Rauma assigns the student a local school. In most cases, the local school is the one closest to the student’s home. In some cases, a school further away can be designated as the local school, for example to avoid oversized class sizes.

At the guardian’s request, the student may also be placed at a nearby school other than the one addressed to them. In this case, the student is not entitled to free school transport.

Enrolment period

In 2024, the enrolment period is from 5 to 18 February, during which the required form can be found in Wilma under the school named School Newcomers (Koulutulokkaat). Decisions on school locations will be mailed to homes by the end of March. The school location decision for students who are placed in small groups are preliminary. The final decision will be made at the end of April.

At the end of the annual enrolment period, enrolment is still possible, for example, for people moving from another city. The enrolment is made by contacting the Planning Assistant before the school decisions have been sent in March. From the beginning of April, enrolments are made by contacting the principal of the school where the child is wanted to be located.

Transition to the 7th grade of basic education

When the student moves from 6th grade to 7th grade, their school places are redefined. The city assigns the student a nearby or other suitable school. At the guardian’s request, the student may also be placed at a nearby school other than the one addressed to them. In this case, the student is not entitled to free school transport.

At the turn of the calendar year, the Basic Education Planning Group consisting of the principals, the Planning Assistant, and the Basic Education Manager will carry out the basic placement of the students for the following autumn. The placement is based on curriculum emphases, primary school attendance, available facilities, and student welfare reasons.

The initial placement will be informed by letter at the beginning of the spring semester, after which you can submit requests for changes. These requests will be processed centrally as a whole and implemented where possible. Decisions on school places for 7th grade will be mailed to guardians by the end of February. Decisions on possible small group places for 7th graders will be communicated to the guardians by the end of April.

Starting basic education in other time than at the beginning of 1st and 7th grades

Other than at the start of grades 1 and 7, for example when a student moves from another municipality to Rauma, you can contact the principal of the local school directly.

If necessary, the Education Administration will guide in choosing a suitable school. The primary goal is to select the school closest to the home and to minimize the need for transportation, if, for example, class sizes allow it.