Housing and environment

Land Transaction

Land acquisition in the city of Rauma is part of the municipality’s general land policy, which guarantees the availability of affordable land for housing and business needs.

Voluntary transaction is the primary land acquisition form in Rauma. However, in sporadic locations, the city may have to use expropriation procedure. The right of pre-emption is also used when it is deemed necessary.

Depending on the value of the plot and its master plan status, land deals by the City are decided by:

  • City Geodesist
  • Technical Committee
  • City Board
  • City Council

In Rauma, the decision not to use the right of pre-emption is made by City Geodesist, and using it is decided by City Board. In case the City of Rauma uses its right of first refusal, it shall notify the buyer and the seller of the decision. In addition, the city informs the registration authority, National Land Survey of Finland, of the use of the pre-emptive right within three months of the transaction.

Land policy-related guidelines in Rauma

The City Council of Rauma has ratified the Land Policy Programme on 10 December 2018.