Work and entrepreneurship

The application period for the Summer Entrepreneur Program in Lace City in 2024 begins on Thursday, February 1.  Application Form:

The Summer Entrepreneurs 2024 campaign is the summer entrepreneurship program of the city of Rauma, targeting young people from Rauma. In 2024, residents of Rauma born between 2003 and 2008 can apply to the program.

The Summer Entrepreneurs 2024 campaign is also used to support summer employment for foreign students living and studying in Rauma. These students can apply to The Summer Entrepreneurs program if they were born between 1999 and 2008.

Summer entrepreneurship offers an alternative to traditional summer jobs. The implementation is managed by Rauma City Development.

30 enthusiastic aspiring entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the summer entrepreneur activities based on their applications. Selected young individuals have the opportunity to receive a summer entrepreneur support of 400 euros from the city of Rauma. The support is granted if the criteria for support allocation are met.

Please note that you cannot receive both the summer job voucher and the support from the Summer Entrepreneur Program.