Work and entrepreneurship

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The City of Rauma is dedicated to making it as quick and easy as possible for companies to locate in the area.

The City of Rauma and its network will assist companies in all matters relating to location, premises and the search for partners. We gather the information needed to find a solution for a company looking for a location. The network of partners includes all the main private and public service providers. We provide a multidisciplinary service to businesses in areas such as:

  • premises
  • land
  • local information
  • labour
  • recruitment services
  • workforce training solutions
  • financial solutions
  • subcontracting and partnerships
  • logistics and telecommunications
  • networking services

Consultancy services, data collection and the compilation of placement solutions are free of charge to the client.

The Rauma region as a location

The tool below, implemented by MDI, allows you to explore the Rauma region in the light of statistics. The tool allows you to study the businesses, jobs, economic structure, population and construction indicators of the regional cities.

First, select the city you want to visit from the homepage to see a presentation of each area. From the tabs, you can explore the indicators for each region. You can move from one tab to another by clicking directly on the header at the top or by using the arrows at the bottom

Business Rauma marketing video

The Business Rauma marketing video broadens the vision of foreign and domestic investors of the business opportunities offered by the city. Business representatives can use the video to meet their own needs, such as attracting talent and showcasing their business.