Housing and environment

The purpose of town planning is to introduce urban information through formulas, what is happening in the city and what is planned. Rauma is currently displaying several station and sub-plot designs. For example, new residential areas, central renovation, public buildings and industrial and logistics buildings are being planned. The old town plans are also updated.

City planning

Rauma is an urban and growing city located on the western coast of Finland. Rauma’s coastal location offers unique possibilities to develop the marine cityscape and versatility of the economical structures.

One of the most important issues of Rauma’s city planning is taking care of the environment and nature. Rauma participates actively in an important project with the main objective of being a carbon neutral municipality. In the city planning this appears as compact urban structures with easy accessibility and proximity to workplace locations and services. High quality and sustainable long term city planning makes Rauma an ideal place to live.

Rauma’s cityscape consists of the UNESCO world heritage target Old Rauma and its consecutives layers of urban structure with the oldest parts of the city dating back to the Middle Ages.

If you have any questions regarding city planning, please contact the Pyyrman service point.