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The fragmentary archipelago in front of Rauma is like made for canoeists. The routes at the inland archipelago go mainly through sheltered coves and straits.

There is a map of the canoeing routes at Rauma archipelago which also shows different rest stops and huts that can be rented.

Canoeing to Santkari island

Santkari lighthouse island is situated in the middle of open sea, and it is suitable only for the most experienced canoeists. It is not recommended for others. You should not go canoeing if it is windy, and the canoeists must be prepared for changes in weather.

There is no marked boat route to Santkari, and the route has not been marked to Raumanmeri – Bothnian Sea map either.

Some canoeists use the route from Kuuskajaskari between Rouna- and Haminakari, south side of Ulko-Kylmä to Louekari and Trutpuda, and still further to Santkari’s east shore. The waters around Louekari, Trutpuda and Santkari are very rocky. It is possible to avoid the rocks with a basic map.

There are natural shores suitable for canoeists at Santkari. There is often a windless region at the cove, and the waves there do not always feel as big as at the west and south sides of the island. There is a buoy to help the canoeists to recognise the place.

Santkari is also a bird island. Do not disturb the birds’ nesting.

N 61°06.512′  E 021°16.945′

Hevoskarta canoeing hut –  for rent

Hevoskarta cottage is reserved for canoeing groups. It is possible to agree on using the cottage with Rauma region canoeists. There are accomodation facilities, kayak and canoe shore, toilet, and camp-fire place at Hevoskarta.

The route to Hevoskarta canoe shore is rocky and it is not suitable for boats.

Hevoskarta at Rauma map service. N 61°10.245′ E 021°25.853′


There are places for diving in the Bothnian Sea in front of Rauma where you can explore the underwater world.

Rauman Laitesukeltajat ry maintains for example, Riskonpöllä diving park, and organises different camps and diving events in Rauma archipelago. It is possible to explore the interesting underwater world with them.

Riskonpöllä diving park

In Riskonpöllä diving park there is a brigantine Siivo which sank there in 1898, a trawler which was sunk in 1990s, and an underwater obstacle track. There is a buoy for the divers at the east side of Riskonpöllä. Between Riskonpöllä and Little Riskonpöllä there is a relatively deep place to go ashore. Valkeakari shipping channel and boat route are close to the diving park.

N 61°08.542′ E 021°23.516′

Children’s diving park

There is a diving park for children during summer at Kuuskajaskari Holiday and Fortress island (kuuskajaskari.fi). Near the shore in the depth of around one metre, there are fun sculptures for the children to find.