Current Covid-guidelines and recommendations extended – in effect in Rauma and Satakunta until 10 January 2021

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The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team gathered on Thursday 12 December and decided to extend the current covid-recommendations until 10 January 2021.

Public event organization will comply with the follow-up order regarding events with a maximum of 20 people given by The Regional State Administrative Agency on 16 December. The order is in effect until 23 December.

The City of Rauma will follow guidelines given by the The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team and other authorities.

Mask recommendation for people over the age of 15 will remain in effect. 10 person maximum in private events will also stay in effect until 10 January.

Guidelines regarding hobby activities are in effect until 10 January. Securing the continuity of hobbies for people 15 years of age and under is important, but guardians must avoid spending time at the facilities. If presence is necessary, guardians must follow the mask recommendation and make sure to keep safe distances.

Rauma education department does not lease or rent out it’s facilities at this time. Restrictions on the use of facilities apply to, for example, indoor sports venues, library meeting facilities, Poselli, Rauma-hall and youth spaces.

Beginning of the spring term in the Adult education centre will move forward one week. People who have signed uop for courses will be notified separately. Basic education for arts will begin as informed on Thursday 7 January.

The incidence rate in Rauma observed on 17 December is 13 / 100 000 inhabitants / 14 days. The situation has improved but Rauma is still in the acceleration stage.