Event support is proposed for the Brygän Venetsialaiset event and the Youth Music Event in Savilanpuisto

The City of Rauma will grant event support for events to be organised in 2023. Applications were open from 15 February to 12 March. 14 applications were received by the deadline.

30,250 euros are proposed for the Brygän Venetsialaiset event organised by Rauma Top Security Service and 19,750 euros for the Youth Music Event organised by Rauma Yrittäjät Ry’s Rakastunut Raumaan in Savilanpuisto. The City Council will discuss the matter at its meeting on Monday 3 April.

The applications were assessed in accordance with the award criteria and evaluation criteria. Scoring was based on criteria such as regional visibility, self-financing, the concept and content of the event and cooperation.

– The applications of both Rauma Top Security Service and Rauma Entrepreneurs’ Association’s Rakastunut Raumaan activity received the highest scores based on the evaluation criteria, for example for the planned nature of the activity and the quality and impact of the event and activity. Both applications also had a significant self-financing component, says Camilla Pihlman, City Development Coordinator.

Other applicants for event support included

  • Elandra Design, Rakkautta Raumalla wedding event
  • Eläkeliiton Rauman Yhdistys, Suvilysti
  • JerMo Oy, Joultori
  • Kunnis Oy, PuuSaun – Lasten löylylauantait
  • LC Rauma Reimari, Silakkamarkkinat
  • Luanista Oy, Mukulamessut – Children’s Saturday
  • Luanista Oy, Tammela tonttumaa
  • Poroholma Holiday Centre, Children’s Summer Day
  • Rauma SalBa, Salibandyn Satakunnan derby
  • Rauma Yrittäjät Ry, Rakastunut Raumaan – Children’s Christmas in Lace Town
  • Riina Kallio, Mieletön Metsämysteeri
  • The Multicultural Association of Satakunta

Up to three events can receive support from a budget of EUR 50 000. In total, the fourteen applications amounted to €269 900. The total amount requested is €198 700 more than last year.