Exceptions on Rauman Gyyt public transport routes from 29.4.

Gyyt logo on the side of the bus.

Rauman Energia Sähköverkko will start cabling work in the first half of week 18. The work will cause a few exceptions to the Rauman Gyyt public transport routes from Monday 29 April.

The first phase of work will affect in particular the operation of Rauma Gyyt line 1 between Merirauma and Savila and Seutu+ public transport lines 161–165 Rauma-Olkiluoto.

Line-specific changes

Line 1 A/B

From Monday 29 April onwards, bus 1 A/B will run in the Ota area on the exceptional route Syväraumankatu–Rauhankatu–Raumanmerenkatu–Syväraumankatu.

The following stops will be temporarily introduced in the Ota area: Pursikatu P, Pursikatu E, Otanlahden urheilukeskus P, Otanlahden urheilukeskus E ja Rauman Lyseon Lukio E.

The following stops will be closed during the works: Saaristokatu E, Urheilukatu E, Kuusistonkatu P, Otanaukio E ja Otanaukio P.