Rauma Social Affairs and Health Committee discuss meeting restrictions concerning Rauma in its meeting on 25 May

Valkoinen Rauma-logo sinisellä pohjalla.

Rauma healthcare officials propose tighter restrictions to Rauma Social Affairs and Health Committee than the Regional State Administrative Agency recommends. The proposition consists of limiting indoor public gatherings to 20 people until 8 June.

50-person events can be held in limited outdoor spaces according to the order given by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Because Rauma is in the acceleration stage of the epidemic, restrictions regarding Rauma should be tighter than what the Agency orders. The situation has been evaluated together with Satasairaala. The number of infections has remained reasonable in Rauma, but the difficulties tracing the infections are cause for concern and the situation is at risk of getting worse.

The Social Affairs and Health Committee will discuss the matter in their meeting on 25 May at 5 PM.

Attend events with care

The Rauma health authorities expect the citizens to be responsible and considerate with participating in events. If the event is marketed on social media, for example, it is considered an audience event.

– Election campaigns do not justify deviating from the meeting restrictions. An event held in a store can also meet the criteria of a public event, and then gathering restrictions and precautions must be observed, doctor Irene Reinvall says.

A public event is an occasion or event that is open to anyone – either for free or with a ticket. In the case of a public event or general meeting within the meaning of the law, it is subject to restrictions, regardless of the place of the meeting.

The Satakunta Regional Infectious disease team recommends that private events for more than 20 people not be held from 20 to 30 May.