Raumanmeri school artificial turf field renovation work underway

The Raumanmeri school artificial turf field is currently being renovated. A new surface is being replaced as the rubber grass turf had reached the end of its life. The work will take about two weeks, depending on weather conditions – rainfall will slow down the work.

– The new turf will be filled with the more environmentally friendly Saltex BioFlex, a 98% natural product. The new carpet has a shorter pile and a smaller amount of filler. In the future, when the field is covered with artificial ice, a thinner layer of ice will be sufficient. Together with the better thermal conductivity of the Bioflex infill, the energy requirement for freezing is reduced compared to before,” says Tommi Cederberg, Sports Facilities Manager.

Saltex BioFlex filler has been developed with player safety and the highest sporting performance criteria in mind. The weight of the filler allows it to stay on the pitch better, which significantly reduces its carry-over to locker rooms, cars, and homes. The new artificial turf will be supplied by Saltex Oy of Finland. The artificial turf is manufactured at the Saltex factory in Alajärvi.

The Raumanmeri school artificial ice rink with its artificial grass surface was built in 2011 in cooperation with the Raumalaiskiekkoilun tuki hockey support association. Raumalaiskiekkoilun Tuki will also contribute 50% of the costs of the artificial turf replacement.