Environmental permit

Activities that pose a risk of environmental pollution require an environmental permit in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act. Examples of such activities include forestry, metal and chemical industries, energy production, and animal husbandry. The requirement for a permit for these activities is based on the Environmental Protection Act and the environmental protection decree issued under it. The granting of a permit requires that the activity does not cause harm to health or significant pollution or risk to the environment.

A permit is required for new activities subject to licensing and for significant changes to existing activities. No licensed activity may be initiated before the permit is granted. If there is uncertainty about the need for a permit, it is advisable to contact the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) or the municipal environmental protection authority.

The situations in which a permit is required are defined in the Environmental Protection Act, the environmental protection decree, and the Water Act. The activities requiring an environmental permit are listed in the facility list of the environmental protection decree, but other activities may also require a permit. The environmental permit application is submitted to the authority specified in the Environmental Protection Act or the corresponding decree.

The environmental permit authority announces the application through a public notice. Authorities provide statements on the application, and interested parties may submit objections, while residents in the affected area can express their opinions. After considering the statements and objections, the regional state administrative agency makes a decision on the application. The permit decision can be appealed to the Vaasa Administrative Court, and further to the Supreme Administrative Court.

The applicant is required to pay a fee for the processing of the permit application.

Permit applications are submitted through the Lupapiste service.