A new application for migrants under development within the “Töihin tänne” concept

Nuorten työpaja, maalaus

An application is being developed for the collective South-West Finland marketing campaign “Töihin tänne”.

The application will make it easy for potential new south-western Finnish employees to search for further information about south-western Finnish municipalities, cities, and residential areas. The name of the service will be Know Your Hoods. The application helps its user with reflecting on where to move.

As a part of the development work, a large survey will be conducted. The survey can be found on and it is open on 5–26 Sep 2018.

The survey asks from those considering to migrate or those already decided on migrating for information about the wishes, needs, and challenges that affected or will affect their decision. The idea is to hopefully receive answers from both Finnish and international migrants – therefore, it is possible to answer in both Finnish and English.

The new application will be constructed with a “Töihin tänne” design, and its first version is expected to be ready for launching at the beginning of next year.

The development work for the application is financed by the “Töihin tänne” fund by the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). During the autumn, the “Töihin tänne” marketing concept will continue as a common project of several south-western Finnish municipalities, cities, and public actors, aiming to together increase the attractiveness of the South-West of Finland in order to attract new migrants to the region.