Autumn semester starts on Thursday 10.8.

Children going to school on bicycles with backpacks.

The autumn semester of Rauma’s comprehensive schools starts on Thursday 10.8. The number of pupils in basic education in the City of Rauma’s comprehensive schools is about 3100 this autumn.

For the second year in a row, the age group starting in the first grade will be significantly smaller than before. Less than 330 new first-year pupils have enrolled. In previous years, the number of new pupils has been around 400.

– There has been some migration during the summer, and the final number of pupils will be confirmed after the start of school,” says Hanna Viljanen-Lehto, Director of Education and Youth.

More pupils with an immigrant background

The number of pupils with an immigrant background is increasing in Rauma. There are almost 250 pupils whose mother tongue is not Finnish, which represents almost 8% of the total number of pupils in basic education.

– The largest language groups are Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. During the summer, new pupils from different countries have joined. The number of Ukrainians in Rauma has not increased much since last year. The parents of the pupils who are currently arriving in Rauma are mainly coming either to work or to study,” says Viljanen-Lehto.

Five preparatory education groups for basic education are starting. One group is down from last year.

– However, the situation may change during the autumn. The upper secondary school group is currently almost full,” says Viljanen-Lehto.

Every school day is important

A model of attendance recording will be introduced throughout primary education, where pupils’ absences will be monitored systematically, regardless of the reason for absence. Staff will be guided to intervene at an early stage.

– The model includes proactive measures such as creating a positive atmosphere, community spirit and increasing the involvement of pupils and guardians through community-based student welfare,” says Viljanen-Lehto.

On 1 August, the assessment criteria for grades 5, 7 and 9 in the sixth grade, prepared by the Finnish National Board of Education, entered into force.