Children and young people can take part in hobby activities within limitations, upper secondary schools move to contact teaching

Koululainen heittämässä palloa.

Starting from Monday 19 April, hobby activities for people 20 years old and younger are once again possible in Rauma. According to guidelines given by the Satakunta infectious disease prevention team, activities can be started in- and outdoors, but it is recommended that they are held in groups of 6.

Activities must still avoid close contacts and maintain safe distances. Training involving close contact is not allowed. Matches, competitions, and performances are not allowed. These recommendations are in effect until 25 April.

The city of Rauma will open all sports facilities for 13 to 20-year-olds. However, the sports facilities are not open to the public or adults, but only to the guided activities of young people and children. A team can train simultaniously but it must be done in separate groups of six people.

Activities for children 12 years of age and younger continue, but no matches, competitions, or performative activities can be held.

The recommendation for adult hobby activities is still that they remain stopped until 25 April. Private operators are also encouraged to follow these recommendations. Outdoor facilities can be kept open for individual activities. The guidelines for adult hobby activities do not apply to individual or team sport activities for national teams, national-level and Division I-level competition and training activities, and professional training aimed at international level.

Youth spaces will also open, with the six-person group limits.

Upper secondary education schools to contact teaching

Rauma Lyseo upper secondary school and other upper secondary education schools will move back to contact teaching on Monday 19 April.

Music Academy and the Rauma Adult Education Centre can move back into contact teaching for people 13 to 20 years of age.

Museum and library are accessible with limitations

Rauma museums can be opened to the public by reservation. The city’s museums, Rauma Maritime Museum and the Lönnström Art Museum will open next week with their normal opening hours, but visits must be reserved in advance so that safe visits can be made possible.

No changes were made to library operations. Libraries are open but customers are not allowed to collect books themselves. The library staff will collect the books for the customers.

Other limitations public spaces will remain the same at least for the upcoming week.