Covid-instructions in Satakunta refined – in effect until December 31st

Keltainen huutomerkki harmaalla Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team refined its recommendations for Satakunta on Tuesday 1 December. Recommendations for using masks and not participating in hobby activities for adults is extended until the end of the year.

It is recommended that adults refrain from group hobbies and activities especially indoors. Moving activities online is encouraged. In particular, contact activities should be avoided. The recommendation not to participate in group activities is in effect for three weeks starting from 1 December. The restriction does not apply to national team activities or professional training at an international level or competitive activity on national or first division level.

Children 15 years of age or under can continue their activities, but all operation must consider hygiene recommendations and safe distances. Avoiding direct close contact must be possible  in the facilities.

The prevention team recommends that hobby activity facilities are kept open for children and young people. Other public spaces can be closed in municipalities in the acceleration stage where needed.

The situation in upper secondary education in monitored, because the mask recommendation came into effect in these schools just on Monday 30 November.

If the situation does not change during the current week, Rauma Covid-executive team will report on the subject next week.