Covid-vaccination appointments for week 22

Woman receiving vaccination

Covid-vaccination appointments for week 22 can be made online starting at 4 PM Friday 28 May onwards at Online appointments require secure authentification. Online appointments can be made by people in risk groups and who have turned 50 years of age. Those who have not yet turned 50 this year must make appointments by telephone.

Appointments can be made by telephone from the number +358 44 403 2687 from 8 AM to 3 PM on Saturday 29 May for as long as there are appointments left. If the call is not received, it is better to leave a call-back request than to call again.


On week 22 vaccinations are given at Kauppis, Satamakatu 26, and at the Healthcare center, Steniuksenkatu 2. When making the appointments it should be taken into consideration that the second vaccination is given 12 weeks after the first one. The second appointment is given when receiving the first vaccination. If the person vaccinated has had Covid, the vaccination will be given six months after.

It is planned that the location of the Kauppis vaccinations is changed to the ice hall before Midsummer Day when there are more vaccinations available. People who have received their first vaccination at Kauppis should take note of this because the change is not communicated in person. Healthcare services will inform of the change when the time is confirmed.

Now being vaccinated:

People turning 50 years of age and risk groups 1 and 2 from ages 16 to 69. Belonging to the risk groups is checked at the vaccination appointment.

People in risk group 1 are people aged 16 to 69 who have or are affected by:

Organ transplant or stem cell transplant
People undergoing active cancer treatment
Severe disorders of the immune system
Severe chronic renal disease
Severe chronic pulmonary disease
Type 2 diabetes with medication
Down syndrome

People in risk group 2 are people aged 16 to 69 who have or are affected by:

Asthma requiring continuous medication
Severe heart disease
Neurological illness or condition that affects breathing
Immunosuppressive drug therapy for autoimmune disease
Severe chronic liver disease
Type 1 diabetes or adrenal insufficiency
Sleep apnoea
Morbid obesity (body mass index more than 40)


– First vaccine recipients will be vaccinated with Comirnaty, ie. Pfizer-Biontech, or Moderna.
– People under 65 years of age who got their first vaccine with AstraXeneca will receive their second vaccine as Pfizer-Biontech or Moderna. AstraZeneca is not given as a second dose to people under 65 years of age.
-People 65 years of age and older, who received their first dose with AstraZeneca will also be vaccinated with it as their second dose by default, but can change the vaccine if they prefer. The change must be called in beforehand to tel. +358 44 403 2625 on a weekday from 8 to 9.30 AM. The change is not possible at the appointment. It is good to know that cross-using vaccinations may cause stronger temporary side-effects.