Early childhood education refund-policy in use until the end of May

Naulakko päiväkodin käytävällä. Naulakoiden yläpuolella lasten piirustuksia.

In early childhood education and preschool education, the so-called normal activities started with the legislation in accordance with the Normal Conditions of the Early Childhood Education Act and the Basic Education Act as at 14.5.2020.

At its meeting on 6 April 2020, the Rauma City Government has decided that Rauma will grant a refund of the customer fee from 13 April 2020 if the child is absent from day care center or family day care for at least two consecutive weeks and the absence has been announced in advance. The total hours declared by the child and the hours to be reimbursed may not exceed the hours reserved by the customer payment agreement. The fee will be charged according to the declared or actual hours in day care, whichever is greater.

At its meeting on 18 May 2020, the City Government has decided that the above-mentioned customer fee compensation will be extended until the end of May.

In other words, the customer payment compensation policy will continue in accordance with a previous decision of the city government until the end of May, in case the guardians are taking care of their children themselves.

From 1.6.2020, early childhood customer payments will return to normal payment bases and invoicing. Section 9 of the Early Childhood Education Fee Act: The customer fee may be charged half of the early childhood education fee, even if the child is not in early childhood education at all during the whole month. A full monthly day care fee will be charged if the child is present for one day. If the child is absent due to illness for more than ten days per month , half of the fee will be charged.