Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education will be distributed at the turn of April and May

Ruokakassien jakoa Nanun koulun ruokasalin ulkoovella.

The city of Rauma will provide food bags to compensate for school lunches for families of children in pre-primary and basic education. The second distribution of the groceries will happen at the turn of the month. Every family with children in distance learning from the city’s schools is entitled to the food bag.

The order for the food bag must be placed by Sunday 19 April by 2 PM. The form can be filled in Late orders will not be taken into account. The exact time and date of the distributions will be confirmed one week before through Wilma-notifications and in

The content of the bags may vary due to availability, but the value will be the same in each one. Celiac disease and grain allergies will be taken into account it there are notified of in the order form.

Possible pick-up locations are Pohjoiskehä, Nanu, Lappi and Kodisjoki schools. One bag per child will be given. If the child lives in two homes, guardians must settle the distribution of the bag amongst themselves.

Private schools Normaalikoulu and Freinetschool will provide compensatory food independently and are not included in the city’s food distribution.