Rauma is implementing transmission phase measures – vaccinations are important to ensure contact teaching

Valkoinen Rauma-logo sinisellä pohjalla.

Rauma social and health care committee gathered for an extra meeting on Thursday 5 August to decide to place Rauma into the transmission phase of the epidemic. Rauma is in the phase from 6th to 19th of August.

In the decision, it is stated that a minimum safe distance of two meters must be kept in spaces where there are members of the public, participants, customers, or clients. The order also applies to public events and general meetings. Operators must ensure that the activities and events are organized in such a way that it is possible for customers, participants and groups to avoid close contact with each other. If this is not possible, the activity must be suspended or the event must not be held. The order is valid until 19 August.

Close contact means in this situation people being under two meters from each other for more than 15 minutes.

Event organizers are asked to review safety plans made earlier, so that safe distances can be maintained indoors, and to inform event participants about the distances and the use of face masks. Similar actions are recommended also for outdoor events because the delta variant spreads aggressively also outdoors.

Taking the vaccinations is very important

– Everyone in Rauma, especially young people are encouraged to take the vaccine to ensure the safety of themselves and the people close to them. And to ensure that hobbies, school and normal life could continue in the best way possible, director of social and healthcare services Satu Helin says.
Currently Rauma is vaccinating people over 16 years of age and 12-15 -year-olds who are in risk groups. Vaccinations for children are being prepared in school healthcare. More information will be given when the preparations are made.

Schools will open in contact teaching

The fall semester will begin on Wednesday 11 August in contact teaching as planned. Unit-specific details will be given to parents and guardians.
The fall semester will follow by and large the same principles as the spring semester did. Teaching and other functions will follow guidelines given by government officials, the director of education and culture Soile Strander says.

6th graders and above will wear masks as well as school staff. Masks are also used by pupils who share classes with 6th graders.
Participating in the teaching is only allowed completely healthy. Those who are sick or have symptoms must stay home.
Contact between different groups of pupils are avoided. Lunch periods and other movements such as recesses are staggered. Lunch periods can be moved to classrooms or the gymnasium. No large gatherings will be held, no visitations outside of the city will be made, and no visitors will be allowed. School transports will be arranged as staggered as possible.

Changes to quarantine instructions

The Finnish department of health and welfare changed its instructions regarding quarantines on 2 August. New instructions state the length of the quarantine is ten days instead of the previous 14. The instructions do not apply to quarantines ordered before 2 August.