Rauma is organising an event about walking and active lifestyles at Poselli on 26.10.

The City of Rauma is organising an event Kävellen enemmän (More by walking), open to all, at Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, on Thursday 26 October at 13.00.The event will provide information about sustainable nature sports and Rauma’s attractive local nature sites on land and at sea.

Kävellen enemmän is part of the city’s well-being programme. The aim of the programme is to strengthen the physical activity, mobility and mental well-being of local residents, especially children, young people and families with children.

The event will discuss the benefits of a more active lifestyle and the desires and measures to promote walking. The event will also include an update on the migratory behaviour of the Rauman River trout population and an update on the trout research project.

At the end of the event, it will be possible to take part in a walk around the Rauma canal with representatives of the city’s leadership. The walk will start at 15.15 in front of the City Hall at Kanalinranta 3. The walk is about 3.2 kilometres long and will take about 45 minutes.

– Our aim is to increase community spirit, inclusion and equality, so we invite everyone to join us for Rauma’s joint walk around the canal. The City of Rauma is thus responding to the President’s exercise challenge,” says Kristiina Kuusio, Welfare Manager.