Rauma prepares to compact the city’s service structure during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic

Naulakko päiväkodin käytävällä. Naulakoiden yläpuolella lasten piirustuksia.

The City of Rauma defines the instructions and limits the use of different properties in accordance to the Finnish Government’s policy given on 16 March. The city’s museums, libraries, mobile library, hobby spaces and other exercise facilities, swimming halls, youth facilities, club spaces, day-activities for the elderly, vocational rehabilitation and work centers will be closed on Wednesday 18 March onwards.

Kindergartens, pre-primary education and basic education classes 1–3 and classes for special needs students are kept open for children whose parents or guardians work in a critical role for the society. For the ongoing week, these functions will be held in the schools where the children normally go.

Rest of the students will move to distance learning on 18 March, including the students of Rauman Lyseo upper secondary school. Matriculation exams will proceed according to the timeline and regulations given on 13 March.

– We will condense the city’s service structure from 23 March onwards regarding early childhood educations, pre-primary education and basic education. We will collect and calculate the number of students coming to school during Tuesday and Wednesday. There may also be changes to school transports, says the education and culture director Soile Strander.

Rauma will inform guardians about the practices of distance learning through Wilma. Guardians are advised to pay close attention to Wilma. Changes to school transports will be notified separately during the rest of the week.

There will be no contact lessons in the Music institute from 18 March onwards. New approaches to teaching will be introduced, and guardians will be notified separately of all changes.

Contact service point Pyyrman primarily by email or phone

Service point Pyyrman is primarily to be contacted by email ( or by telephone, tel. 02 834 5000. Avoiding physical transactions is preferred.