Strikes affect city services on 1 and 2 February

Attention Blue

The strikes by tTrade Union JHL and the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT will affect city services on Thursday 1 February and Friday 2 February.

The strikes will affect meals in primary, secondary and early childhood education on Thursday 1 February for lunch and snacks. The changes are available on the city’s electronic menu service. No hot lunches will be available on Thursday.

The primary and secondary schools will operate as normal, except for small groups at the Pohjoiskehä and Naula schools. Schools and after-school activities will inform parents of any exceptional arrangements via Wilma.

Some after-school clubs will be closed due to staff shortages on 1 February:

Kari small group

The AKT strike will stop most of Rauma’s public transport on Friday. Arrangements for school transport on Friday will be worked out together with the transport operators, and information will be provided separately for each school. Thursday’s transport will not be affected by the strike.

The city’s service point Pyyrman, sports facilities, museums, academies, youth services and early childhood education will operate as usual. Libraries will otherwise be open according to normal opening hours, but Pyynpää and Lappi libraries will not open until 15:00 on 1 February, and it is recommended to use self service in the main library from 11:00 to 15:00 on 1 February.

The strike is also likely to affect waste collection for the rest of the week, but the extent of this is not yet known. The Hevossuo waste station will be open as usual.