The City of Rauma is introducing an electronic forms service

The City of Rauma will gradually introduce an electronic forms service, which will replace PDF forms that can be filled out by hand.

– We want to increase the supply of our digital services. Electronic forms will simplify and speed up data processing. The e-forms can be filled out and sent online. However, if electronic use of the forms is not possible, they can also be printed, filled in by hand and mailed to the address found on the form, Communications Manager Raija Lehtorinne says.

Forms can be filled out and sent not only on a computer but also on mobile devices. In addition, adding attachments is possible. Attachments allow Office and OpenOffice documents as well as image, text and PDF files.

Some of the electronic forms require strong identification through the service. You can log in using either an online bank identification, a certificate card or a mobile certificate. The forms are uniform in appearance and accessible, and they are available in both Finnish and English.

The electronic forms can be found collected on the city’s website at

The service is provided by Tagnile Oy ePalvelu.