The education department focuses recommendations regarding hobbies and activities

Keltainen huutomerkki turkoosilla Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team made covid-recommendations stricter after receiving guidelines from the Ministry of Social affairs and Health.

The City of Rauma in its policies and recommendations follows the policies given by the prevention team. In addition to a strong mask recommendation, it is recommended that adults refrain from group hobbies and activities especially indoors. Moving activities online is encouraged. Recommendations are in effect until 18 December.

Adult education centre and music institute invest in distance learning

Classes in Rauma adult education centre are moving online where applicable. In the study guide published this fall, those classes that can be carried out online are marked. Some of the classes, such as ceramics and woodworking will take an early Christmas break. Courses and individual teaching will continue normally for people under 15 years of age.

– Classes for people over the age of 15 will be moved online when and where possible. Each group will be contacted during this week and students will receive information on how their classes will continue, says the principal of the education centre and music institute Mira Ellmén.

In the music academy group teaching for people over the age of 15 and family music schools for children under the age of three will move to distance learning. Groups in the music academy will be notified separately.

Exercise groups for adults will take a hiatus

The recommendation not to participate in group activities is in effect for three weeks starting from 1 December. The restriction does not apply to national team activities or professional training at an international level or competitive activity on national or first division level.

Rauma leisure and sport department seizes all own activities for people over the age of 15 for example water exercise and balance groups. Family exercise in school gyms will also take a break.

All adult hobby groups in the cities sport facilities are to take a break and all bookings are cancelled.

Rauma also asks all private and club operators to consider recommendations given by the regional disease prevention team. Also all unnecessary travel to regions in the spreading stage is not recommended.

Children under 15 can continue their activities, but all operation must consider hygiene recommendations and safe distances. Avoiding direct close contact must be possible in the facilities. Guardians must use face masks and avoid contacts when picking up their children from the activities.

Reservations for external operatives are cancelled

The education department does not for the time being reserve it’s facilities for external use. Restrictions apply to indoor sports facilities, meeting spaces in the library, Poselli, Rauma-hall and youth spaces.

Reservations for meeting rooms in the library are cancelled, but the research room and digitization room are still in use. Libraries are open normally and the library bus is in operation. Art exhibitions also continue normally.

Youth spaces are open normally for now, but youth services are in the progress of cancelling external reservations.

The city’s festivities can be observed online

Implementation of different festivities are now planned with reduced attendance. Lyseo upper secondary school graduation can be watched live from the city’s YouTube-channel on 5 December. Independence Day festivities will also be streamed online and radioed on 6 December. Final arrangements await directions from the Regional State Administrative Agency.

– Depositing of wreaths will not be held this year as a public event. During the event we will take care of the safety of performers and organizers by following directions and guidelines given by authorities, says manager of museums and culture Risto Kupari.

Organizers hope that people would follow the deposition of the wreaths from the citys YouTube channel or from Radio Ramona. Churches in Lappi and Kodisjoki will hold services on Independence Day taking into consideration limits and restrictions in effect.

­– Decisions regarding the declaration of the Christmas peace will be made closer to the planned date in accordance with restrictions that are in effect at that time, Kupari states.