The summer jobs in the City of Rauma can be applied for

Summer workers at a tourist information office.

The City of Rauma offers a wide range of summer job opportunities for motivated young people. There are currently 88 summer jobs available. Applications can be submitted by 29 February via the Kuntarekry service.

Applications are sought for summer jobs in areas such as library services, Wihertoimi, museums and sports facilities. Other vacancies include a production assistant for the Rauma Lace Week production team, a water and sewage plant attendant, a parking inspector, a planning trainee, office trainees and a summer guide for the Tammela.

In addition, Youth Services will hire 100 young people from Rauma for summer working weeks. The summer working weeks, which will take place in the first weeks of June, are aimed at young people aged 14–17, primarily looking for their first summer job. The application period for the summer workweeks is from 22 January to 15 March.

Young people can apply for support for summer jobs

Summer job vouchers will be granted to young people born between 2003 and 2008 who are residents of Rauma or originally from Rauma.

This year, the City of Rauma is distributing 390 summer job vouchers, which will be available for booking from 1 February. The vouchers are intended to help young people find employment in companies, associations and foundations in the Rauma area. The value of the vouchers is 400 euros.

The Summer Entrepreneur of Lace Town programme gives young people in Rauma the opportunity to try their hand at entrepreneurship during the summer. The application for the programme starts on 1 February. Rauma City Development offers full support and a network to start a business, as well as a summer entrepreneur mentor for the whole summer.