Social services and health care

Coronavirus-vaccinations began in Rauma in January.

Being vaccinated now

  • Healthcare professionals treating Covid-patients and personnel in continuous elderly care
  • 75-year-olds and older, including carers and elderly living in the same household
  • People under 70 years of age with illnesses that are highly susceptible to a severe Covid-disease
    • organ transplantation or stem cell transplantation
    • cancer in active treatment
    • severe immune system disorder
    • severe chronic kidney disease (Satakunta Hospital District vaccinates dialysis patients)
    • severe chronic lung disease
    • type 2 diabetes treated with medicine
    • Down syndrome (adults)

Next to be vaccinated

People 70 to 74 years of age. They will be vaccinated after people 75 years of age and older are vaccinated.

Booking appointments

People who are in the groups being vaccinated now

Appointments can be made by calling tel. + 358 44 403 2687 when times are available.

On week 10 vaccination events are held at Kauppis (Satakamatu 26). The events are from 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM on Monday through Thursday.

Appointments can also be made online at Online appointments require secure authentication. Online appointments can only be reserved by those already 75 years of age. Those who have not yet turned 75 this year, must make appointments by telephone. Online appointments require secure authentication.

Notes for making the appointment

  1. Before calling, make sure you belong to the group being vaccinated now
  2. Only the person who’s social security number is listed on the booking will receive the vaccination