Housing and environment

Rental apartments

Come live in Rauma – Rauma provides effective services and effortless living!

Rauma’s strengths are high-level services and economical taxation. The city culture, two World Heritage Sites and sea afford unique place to live.

Rauma is a safe city, where distances are short and services are near. Rauma offers high-quality services, whether you are looking for daycare, educational, social or health services.

You can choose to live in the city centre, countryside or by the sea. Available plots are listed in the plot and business facilities register maintained by the city, and available rental apartments in the rental property register. A steady and sufficient supply of land for housing has been secured with the city’s own land acquisition policies and city planning.

At the moment, the housing situation in Rauma is fairly good. The city has various properties which are available for rent or even sale.

Look also Rauma’s rental apartment register (in Finnish).