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There are currently 12 abandoned boats in the storage area of the city of Rauma. The owners have abandoned the boats in the marina area, and they have been moved to the storage area and have been stored in violation of the marina regulations.

Boat owners have 4 months to retrieve the boat from the storage area. The time starts from the date of publication of the notice on 11 January 2024.

When the boat is handed over to the owner, a fee will be charged according to the cost of removing the boat. If the owner does not collect the boat within four months, it will be delivered for disposal from 13 May 2024.

For any enquiries concerning the boats in question, please contact Pekka Yli-Kauhaluoma, Operations Manager, Tel. +358 50 514 7504.

Photos and information on the abandoned boats

Detailed boat scenes descriptions can be seen by clicking on the pictures to make them larger.