Leisure and sports

In Reksaari nature island you can enjoy the peaceful nature. In total, there are approximately 6 kilometres of nature trails and hiking routes. Campfire places are situated along the trails and staying overnight is also possible.

Accessing Reksaari is possible by your own boat or by boat taxi services. A small leisure harbour serves boating visitors. It is possible to rent a boat from the city of Rauma and row to Reksaari either from Omenapuumaa or Mustalahti.

Cycling, hiking and rowing to Reksaari – A trip to Reksaari

A trip to Reksaari can be either a day trip or an overnight trip. The routes include both nature trails and hiking routes. Staying overnight is possible in Rohela hut and in Karttu, where a café and a sauna serve visitors during the summer. For rowing to the island, a boat can be rented from the city of Rauma.

The beginning of the journey

Route option 1 (pdf): Approximately 11 km by bike from the city centre to Omenapuumaa, followed by a 2 km walk on a path.

Route option 2 (pdf): Approximately 7.5 km by bike (or by car) from the city centre to Mustalahti (Siikluomantie 15). A row across Mustalahti to Omenapuumaa (600 metres), followed by a 1.6 km walk on a path. The route is a part of a nature trail.

The rest of the journey

Routes 1 and 2 continue: A row from Omenapuumaa to Rohela (200 metres), followed by a 1 km walk on a path to Karttu. The hiking trail continues to the north-western corner of the island and leads to Uusalmi campfire place and a view to the open sea.