Leisure and sports

Nearly 20 km of easy hiking trails wait for enthusiastic hikers in the wilderness of the archipelago, in the large islands of Nurmes and Aikonmaa. Close to the marked routes there are old smallholdings and other sights of interest, such as remnants of the World Wars.

Along the hiking trails in Nurmes there are resting places, some of which have firewood. The cottage of Vesiluoma and its sauna can be reserved. The brochure and map Raumanmeri introduce the hiking routes in more detail.


Pihluksen taukotupa Nurmeksessa

The pier in Pihlus is located at the end of a marked boat route. The Nurmes-Aikonmaa hiking trails are can be easily reached from the pier. The west coast of the island is within a short walking distance, and you can see great views to the open sea for example from Pihluksensäikkä. There are campfire places, firewood, outhouses and an information board in Pihlus.

Important part of the cultural heritage of Pihlus are the remains of a World War II watch post and stone structures that were used for cooking food and are often called “Russian stone ovens”. The stone ovens were built by the Russian navy especially during the Russian occupations in 1714–1721 and 1741–1743. These relics are found along the path between the Pihlus pier and Pihluksensäikkä. Signs guide to the relics along the path.


Nurmeksennokka is located on the west side of Nurmesluoto. A broad view to the sea opens up from the area. Nowadays a sea cairn guides the boaters, but formerly there was a lighthouse. During the World War I, Nurmeksennokka used to be a base of Russian soldiers, and footings of buildings and other structural remains can still be seen in the area. In Nurmeksennokka, there is a campfire place, an outhouse (no toilet paper) and firewood. The area is difficult to reach from the sea.