Leisure and sports

Äijänsuo is a good place to practice many sports.

The Äijänsuo sports centre includes Rauman Lukon’s home ice rink, a smaller training rink, a winter training hall for summer sports, a ball field made of artificial grass and a grass field in summer.

Contact information:
Visiting address and parking area: Teollisuuskatu 19 Postal address: Nortamonkatu 23 A, 26100 Rauma

Ice hall

The Äijänsuo ice hall is the jewel in the crown of ice sports in Satakunta and the home arena of Rauma Lukon, the Kivikylä arena. The traditional venue offers the opportunity to discover the history of hockey in Rauma. The rink is 59 metres long and 28 metres wide.

Ice rink in Äijänsuo

Training ice rink

The Äijänsuo training rink is a multi-purpose ice sport: ice hockey, figure skating and rink ball are among the sports on offer – not forgetting the public skating rinks during the winter season. The rink is 59 metres long and 29 metres wide.

Training ice rink.

Winter training hall

The City of Rauma reminds about the winter training hall policy:

The facilities of the hall are fully available to clubs on weekdays from 16:00 to 20:00 and on weekends from 9:00 to 20:00. Any public shifts in the evenings and on weekends will be noted in the booking calendar on a weekly basis. If there are no training slots or public slots on the booking calendar, the hall is closed.

On weekdays from 16:00 to 20:00, spectators are not admitted to the hall, except for individual users.

Parents/guardians of children must wait outside the hall during training sessions. On weekends, spectators are allowed to enter the hall to watch matches. Even then, the courts are mainly for the use of the clubs. Spectators should be in the stands, not on the running track or on the pitch.

For general admission, please consult the Sports Services Facebook page or website and the Timmi booking calendar. During the general shift, non-club users have access to the hall for self-training in the areas designated for general shift.

In the winter training hall calendar, clubs only fill part or all of their shifts at the end of the current month for the following month. This is why the calendar is partially unfilled. Free slots can be requested during the first week of the current month.

Winter training hall.