Day care and education

Crafts club

From 2 to 3.30 PM / Kourujärvi school, Karpalotie 3

The club includes knitting, crocheting, soft crafts and arts and crafts.

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Sports club

From 2.15 to 3.15 PM / Vasarainen school, Nihattulantie 487

The club offers a variety of sports and activities. The club is aimed at children in grades 3–6.

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From 2.30 to 3.30 PM / Pyynpää school, Vähäkinnontie 7

Parkour includes a variety of original or borrowed movements from other sports, such as jumps, landings, crossings, descents and wall push-ups. No previous parkour experience is required. Parkour is aimed at children in grades 3–6.

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Digital club, Minecraft

From 2.30 to 3.30 PM / remotely

At Minecraft club, you get to build interesting worlds with new players, solve different challenges in survival challenges and, most importantly, play remotely with a nice group of friends. In the club, everyone gets to implement themselves and participation does not require prior knowledge of the game. Join the positive game crew and jump to the deep end of Minecraft!

You can attend in the digital clubs from home by your own computer/device. After registration, participants will be sent more detailed information about the participation and the content of the club. InCoach provides the guidance remotely. Club insurance does not cover damage happened in digital clubs. The Minecraft Club is aimed at children in grades 3–4.

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Ice hockey

From 2.45 to 3.45 PM / Tuki-Areena, Kodisjoentie 79

In the club, you can play ice hockey at Tuki-Areena under the guidance of Severi Koskinen, the coach of the junior team of Lukko. The goal of the club is to play hockey in a good spirit at Tuki-Areena. There is also a possibility for more free skating activities during the ice shift, where you can practice, for example, shooting. For the shift you will need skates, helmet, neck guard and stick & gloves. There is some loan equipment available in Tuki-Areena if any of these are missing. You may also wear “full” hockey gear to the hockey club. The ice hockey club is aimed at children in grades 3–6. Welcome aboard!

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Anime and manga club

From 3 to 4 PM / Nanu school, Nummenvahe 8

Casual hanging out, drawing and doing things together with anime and manga, as well as related hobbies such as cosplay. Club activities and socialising.

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Gym group

From 3.30 to 4.15 PM / Rauma Swimming Hall gym, Hankkarintie 8

The gym group is for all young people in grades 6–9 who are interested in starting gym training or are already familiar with it. In the group, you will receive personal guidance for gym training. No previous experience is needed, but everyone gets guidance according to their own experience and skill level. Gathering in the swimming hall lobby.

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