Day care and education

Visual arts club “Kuvittele”

From 1.30 to 3 PM / Rauma Art School, Lyseokatu 2

Are you interested in visual arts?

In the art classes, we will draw, paint, shape different materials and build things. In the club, we try out different techniques of visual arts at each student’s own pace. All you need is your own enthusiasm and a dash of imagination. Although the club starts at 1:30 PM, it is possible to arrive at the club in a flexible time after the end of the school day, but no later than 2 PM. Late arrival times should be announced at the time of registration. The club is aimed at children in grades 3–4.

The club is directed by Katariina Mannio-Turunen, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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Sports club

From 1.30 to 2.30 PM / Unaja school, Laivolantie 10

The club offers a variety of sports and activities. The club is aimed at children in grades 3–6.

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Band club

From 3 to 4.30 PM / Freinet school, Karjalankatu 10

The band club uses contemporary music to practice symbols needed in ensemble playing, such as chord symbols. No previous playing experience is required. If you have an instrument, you can take it with you. The club is aimed at children in grades 5–6.

The club is directed by class teacher Saara Holsti.

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Digital club, coding

From 3.30 to 4.30 PM / remotely

The group focuses on the basics of game development and coding and gives you a peek behind the scenes of games in a friendly and supportive environment. In the activities, you get to learn how games are built with the help of familiar and safe Minecraft, how stories, graphics and animations merge into one game, and what the code jungle looks like behind all this. After the club, you will definitely understand and watch the games with completely new eyes!

You can attend in the digital clubs from home by your own computer/device. After registration, participants will be sent more detailed information about the participation and the content of the club. InCoach provides the guidance remotely. Club insurance does not cover damage happened in digital clubs. The coding club is aimed at children in grades 5–6.

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From 4 to 5 PM / Rauma Bowling Alley, Valtakatu 15

The bowling club offers regular and guided bowling. No previous bowling experience is necessary. The club is run by staff and instructors from Rauma Bowling Alley. The club is aimed at children in grades 7–9.

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Sports for fun

From 4 to 5 PM / Kari school, Savilankatu 5

Games and play to get you moving. The club is run by the Rauma Parish instructors and it is aimed at children in grades 4–7.

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