City administration

The presidential election will be held on Sunday 28.1.2024. If no one receives at least half of the votes cast in the first election, the second election will be held on Sunday 11.2.2024.

Advance voting will start on 17 January and end on 23 January in Switzerland and from 17 to 20 January abroad.

Candidate applications must be submitted by 12 December before 16.00. The list of candidates will be confirmed on 21 December.

Every Finnish citizen who is 18 years of age on the election day of the first election on 28 January 2024 at the latest is entitled to vote in the presidential election, regardless of place of residence. Finnish citizens born on or before 28 January 2006 are therefore entitled to vote.

Each person entitled to vote will receive a notification card containing information on the polling station on the election day and the advance polling stations in the area, as well as the addresses and opening hours of the polling stations. Voters should be prepared to have their identity checked when voting. Photo identification such as passport, driving licence and Kela card with photo is sufficient.

The Rauma advance polling stations and opening hours as well as the polling stations on election day will be updated during autumn 2023.