City administration

The actual election day for the 2024 presidential election is Sunday 28.1.2024 and a possible second election is Sunday 11.2.2024.

There are seven polling stations in Rauma. Voting on Election Day will take place in all seven polling stations for the 2024 elections and the polling stations are as follows:

Old Rauma, Kaunisjärvi Welfare Centre, Steniuksenkatu 4
Tarvonsaari, Main Hall of the City Hall, Kanalinranta 3.
Syvärauma, Ota multi-purpose hall, Urheilukatu 19
Kourujärvi, Kourujärvi School, Karpalotie 3
Pyynpää, Pyynpää School, Vähäkinnontie 7
Sampaanala, Sampaanala Day Care Centre, Sampaanalantie 38
Lappi, Lappi School, Kirkkotie 6

On election day, all polling stations are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in accordance with Section 68 of the Election Act.

If there is a queue at the polling station at 8 p.m., all those who have arrived by then may vote in peace before the polls close. On election day, each person entitled to vote may vote only at his or her polling station. The polling station on election day will be indicated on the postal voting notice received by the voter.