City administration

The brand guide creates a uniform basis for marketing and communications for the City of Rauma. It informs how Rauma looks and sounds and defines the basic elements of visual implementations and their examples.

Rauma’s colour scheme is close to nature and is based on the city’s coat of arms and the sea. The visual world highlights Rauma’s strengths: homelike character, traditions, good life and functional everyday life, the vitality of companies, and the atmosphere of nature and the sea.

Rauma symbols and city illustrations

The Rauma emblem consists of a text logo and a sail symbol, which can also be used separately. In official contexts, the colours of the emblem are yellow and blue.

The RGB and CMYK emblems can be found in the city’s photo bank, where you can also find summer and Christmas city illustrations.

City illustrations can be used in accordance with the related guidelines. Instructions can be found on the right side of this page.

Matters related to the use of the city symbol can be inquired from the communications services

The coat of arms

The Rauma coat of arms is only used in separately defined contexts. Communications Manager Raija Lehtorinne, tel. 044 793 3313,, answers the questions for the use of the coat of arms.