City administration

Місто Раума готується прийняти тих, хто рятується від війни в Україні

Город Раума готовится принять людей, бегущих от войны в Украине

Rauma is preparing to receive refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Different services of the city are planning procedures that are meant to ease the arrival of the Ukrainians. The city is cooperating with the Rauma Church and the Finnish Red Cross.

Housing people who have sought asylum and received residence permits is primarily handled by the Finnish Immigration Service Migri and Reception Centres. Registering as an asylum seeker is done through the police.

Rauma is prepared to house people who have no other shelter in Rauma when necessary. In these situations, the city is working closely with the Reception Centres. The closes such centre is in Pori and it is operated by the Finnish Red Cross.

Some of the Ukrainians arriving in Rauma may stay with friends and family without the help of any official entity. Any citizen of Ukraine who has fled their country due to the Russian attack is free to stay in the country without a visa and apply for asylum.

The Immigration Service has released instructions on what to do when arriving in Finland from Ukraine.

Інструкції для тих, хто приїжджає у Фінляндію з України

Домашні тварини, щоі супроводжують осіб, які рятуються від війни в Україні

Service point Pyyrman serves as an information point for people arriving to Rauma

The city’s service point Pyyrman offers guidance and directions for people arriving to Rauma due to the war in Ukraine. Arrivals are helped for example where they can find different services or help with healthcare, housing, daycare, schools or employment. The point will also assist people who are coming to Rauma from anywhere, and businesses who employ immigrants.

Service point Pyyrman is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 4 PM, Tuesdays from 9 AM to 5 PM and on Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM. The address is Valtakatu 2 A.

Ukrainians can use local transportation free of charge in Rauma until the June 30th

The city of Rauma is offering the chance to use the city’s local bus transportations lines 1-4 free of charge until 30th of June for Ukrainians who have fled the war in their home country,

The bus driver must be presented with the ID-card received from the reception center.

Українці можуть користуватися місцевим транспортом Рауми безкоштовно до 30.06.

Місто пропонує особам, які втекли від війни в Україні, безкоштовно скористатися 1–4 лініями місцевого транспорту Рауми до 30 червня.

Водію необхідно пред’явити клієнтську картку або ідентифікаційну картку, отриману в центрі прийому біженців, яка дає право на безкоштовний проїзд.