City administration

The City of Rauma has two online shops. One online store contains Rauma-related products and textiles as well as ancillary products for city services, while the online store for experiences focuses on providing experience services.

Online shop

From the you can buy, among other things, various Rauma-related textiles, jewellery and magnets, as well as gear tags and a guide map of Rauma. You can also buy city gym cards and snack passes for schoolchildren online. Registration for excursions and trips organised by the city is also handled via the online shop.

To purchase products, you must use your own online banking ID.

The online shop for experiences

The online shop is not in use and it is currently not possible to make purchases through the system or enter own services.

The Rauma-based tourism products and services have a common online shop. The online shop enables the collection of tourism products and services from Rauma in one place, where they can be easily found and purchased by tourists. The products sold are intended for individual tourists.