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Boats in Syvärauma marina


CB393 PortMate makes small ports safely connected and sustainable

The interest in outdoor recreation and tourism is constantly increasing. More and more people spend the summer in leisure boats along our coasts. The number of people visiting the natural environments as well as urban areas and attraction points increases. For those who are new to boating, coastal waters and archipelagos can be a challenge, as well as to arrive at and stay in unknown guest ports.

CB393 PortMate was focused on solutions to promote guest port security and how the port services may be both environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

On the basis, and together with renowned external stakeholders, CB393 PortMate examined possibilities, collected best practices and exchanged experiences about safety and availability, investments for increased services, information and marketing.

CB393 PortMate pilot ports, in total 19 ports, are located in the “triangle of boating” Rauma in Finland – Sottunga and Kökar in Åland – Gävle and Söderhamn in Sweden.

CB393 PortMate was financed by the EU-programme for Central Baltic. CB393 PortMate was from 1st November 2016 til 30th December 2019 with a total budget of 2.7 million euros.