Early childhood education and care

Applying for places in early childhood education 2nd-15th March 2020 for children who need places in August and September

If a child needs a place in early childhood education from August or September 2020, fill in the application between 2nd-15th March 2020 for early childhood education.

Families who have applied during the application period receive the decision on an early childhood place in the beginning of June, at the latest. The decision is submitted to eAsiointi and a guardian receives an email message when the decision has arrived. Families have a possibility to get acquainted to their child’s new place of early childhood education before the summer pause.

Appliances for early childhood education places submitted later during the activity term (October 1st and after) can be submitted already in the spring or at least four months before the need. Decisions for these places are made in the autumn.

A place for a child in municipal early childhood education can be applied round the year.

  • Application for early childhood education has to be submitted at least 4 months before a child needs a day care place.
  • If the need is acute and need of care could not been anticipated, due to sudden employment or beginning of studies, the place has to be applied as soon as possible but at least two weeks before the beginning of your need.

Places for day care centre, family day care and group family day care

  • A place for early childhood education is applied by an electronic early childhood education appliance form.
  • Early childhood education of extent of 0-92 hours, 93-115 hours, 116-150 hours or 151 hours for a child is chosen and, in options in menu, the type of arrangements of early childhood education is chosen.
  • Parents can express their wishes about desired type of early childhood education and a place for their child.
  • Parents receive the information about the child’s early childhood education place and their client fee to eAsiointi electronically if they have entered their email address in the application for early childhood education and authorized the permission to use it. Parents receive an email message when the decision has arrived. Decisions are also archived to eAsiointi in order they arrive. In other case, decisions are sent by post.
  • Early childhood education is charged, according to the customer fee law, by a monthly payment.

Beginning early childhood education

Online reservation information to the guardians

Open early childhood education

Further information about family activities and early childhood education clubs offered by open early childhood education is available at Päiväkoti Sinilintu, director Kirsi-Marja Hyppölä, tel. 044 793 4579. An application for a club can be printed via the website of early childhood education and it can be returned direct either to a location applied or to Päiväkoti Sinilintu. Services for open early childhood education are charged by a club fee. Being a client of open early childhood education is not a hinder to obtain the child home care allowance.

Private early childhood education

Places available in private day care centres, in group family day care and at family day care provider’s can be enquired direct from a private service provider. It is possible to apply a service voucher for early childhood education in private day care. Private day care and group family day care are supported by a private day care allowance and a municipal supplement.