Housing and environment

Environmental permits

The environmental protection authority monitors the activities of businesses and operators in accordance with regulations such as the Environmental Protection Act, Waste Act, and Water Act. Many activities require a permit.

Environmental permit, registration, and notification processes are conducted online

Applications for land extraction permits, environmental permits, various renewal or modification permits, as well as registrations and notifications such as noise notifications, are submitted electronically through the Lupapiste service.

Lupapiste is an online service where permit applications and notifications, as well as related official interactions, are handled electronically. The purpose of the service is to gather all relevant parties involved in the processing of applications at one address. It also facilitates the requesting of statements and responses from other authorities through the online service.

Using the service enables faster, more efficient, and streamlined processing of applications and permit-related matters. All necessary information is readily available, eliminating the need to submit separate paper applications and documents to different entities. Additionally, all project stakeholders are kept informed about the various stages of the permitting process.

Through the service, it is also possible to make consultation requests to the authorities before initiating a project.

Users register with the service using their online banking credentials during their first login. Permit applicant organizations can also register for a paid Business Account for internal project management purposes.

The service is provided by Cloudpermit Oy, a digital business expert company, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment.